Herbal Compress Ball


Compresses of herbal or called with Herbal Compress Ball is made from natural ingredients such as spices and tubers, which are useful for blood circulation, cramp, muscle stiffness and helps to relax your body, warm the body. Suitable for those of you who are exposed to the flu and not feeling well. This compresses a lot of use in the spa-spa as one of the treatment, you can also use it at home.
How to use: Wet compresses with little water and then steamed or disteam first minute, put a compress-press pressed by a part that is sick, then after the warmth of a little lost, compress again disteam, do it the same way repeatedly. Compress Ball can be used again by way of sun drying.

Price : Rp. 40.000,-

Antistress Bath Refreshner


Crystal Bath Salt


Bath or shower with salt can cure fatigue, and remove toxins from the body, which is excreted through the pores of the skin / sweat. Bathroom with bath salts is the most expensive costs, especially salt mixed with essential oils, providing a soothing fragrance typical.
Essential salt is one of the traditional spa products and cheap. For patients with hypertension are advised not to bath salts, because the nature of the salt can raise blood pressure. In addition to bath salts can be used to soak feet useful for eliminating odor and aching feet.
Variants available fragrances Lavender, Sandalwood, Greentea, Cempaka, and Rose.

How to use it, spread two to three tablespoons of salt crystals into the bathtub stirring, until evenly distributed. Beredamlah about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Price : Rp 12.500,- (250 gr)

Ratus Garba Wangi / V-Spa


Hundred Garba made from a mixture of fragrant tea leaves, honey, spices and incense salubrity intimate female organs. Could cure the itching, whitish, reducing moisture, making organs female sex rug, fragrant and of course healthy. Hundred can be used both by women who are married or not, are strongly encouraged to use after the coming months.
How to Use:1. Steam (evaporation), fill a bucket or medium sized baskon with boiling hot water, sprinkle a sachet hundred into a basin / bucket that has been full of hot water. Point the steam at Miss V, which was previously used as a garment of cloth gloves or the like, this is so that the steam does not run everywhere. Do it for approximately 15-20 minutes.
2. Fogging (fumigation), make the burning charcoal in the furnace of land, spread hundred of coals. Asapi Miss V by the smoke. Use cloth gloves similar.
Suggested uses perforated bench (if any) when making steam or fogging.

Price :  Rp. 40.000/pcs ( 1 pack isi 5 sachet)

Bath Herbal


Bathroom spice made from: Roots fragrant, dried roses, sandalwood, sea lote, pulosari, kelebet, delem leaves, turmeric, lerak, wood nut, mace, cardamom, deaf, cinnamon, cloves.
Usefulness:Eliminates body odor, provide nutrition to the skin, improve circulation and circulatory O2 edge, maintaining skin moisture, preventing skin wrinkles, refresh and nourish skin, eliminate tired and lethargic.
How:Boil the herb bath and then strain it, mix the stew spice bath with cold water until lukewarm water. Soak for approximately 30 minutes. While herbs can be used again with sun drying, store in a dry place, can be reused as much as two times.

Price :  Rp. 20.000/pcs (100 gr)

Massage Oil


Made from natural materials such as ivory palm, soybean, hazelnut, walnut, olive oil and essential oils. Available in various kinds of flavor such as green tea, jasmine, champaka, Frangipani, lavender, ylang-ylang etc.

Price :  Rp. 12.500,- (Isi 35 ml)

Breast Masker


Price :  Rp. 10.000,- (Isi 35 gr)

Breast Mask is made from sea coral fossil flour, salt, old jackfruit leaf, noni leaf.